Gimme’ All Yer’ Loot

Chicken Fried Toys™ (CFT) is proud to introduce their Dime Novel Legends™ (DNL), their first-ever lineup of 3.75-inch, fully articulated, collectible action figures that bring back the essence of the American Frontier West. These realistic reproductions of iconic Western archetypes feature authentic styling and looks, and include numerous accessories and gear that historically reflect the period between 1835 and 1895.

Our series 1, wave 1 figures were first offered as reward from our successful Kickstarter in November of 2016 and as a pre-order through Backerkit. Through some challenges and opportunities, we were able to fulfill all rewards and pre-orders this last Summer in full and the remaining series 1, wave 1 figures are available to purchase today through our retail partner We are very proud and excited to offer the “Lost 5” figures (series 1, wave 2) from our original Kickstarter stretch goals here for you now!

These series 1, wave 2 Legends action figures are being offered at this time on a pre-order basis, to be delivered in early Summer 2020. Please read the full Terms and Conditions before completing your purchase.

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