*Eagle Force’s Wild Bill* – Cowboy Commando


Arriving Fall 2022!

In conjunction with our buddies at Fresh Monkey Fiction, we are pleased to bring you this official cross-over figure of the classic Eagle Force character “Wild Bill”!

Born and raised in OKC, William Bruno longed to fly all his life. Joining the military provided him with the training to do that and led him to become the ace pilot for Captain Eagle and the Eagle Force Team of the 1980’s.  

Shortly before the final fateful mission of that team, “Wild Bill” was placed on a special top secret assignment to Luna. The government had been monitoring strange signals from the Mare Infernus region on the Moon, so “Wild Bill” and a group of astronauts with military backgrounds were quietly launched to investigate what was thought to be a secret Soviet Lunar base. 

The mission went awry. All were presumed lost, but “Wild Bill” and first officer Diedra Dale managed to survive. They continued on mission through a portal to a harrowing adventure to another region of the galaxy. The Cowboy Commando and a newly assembled crew only recently returned aboard the starship “Vanguard” to join the Eagle Force team of today.

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