Gunsmith’s Gear Bag


I ain’t never seen a more jittery smithy! In fact, I’d say he’s the shakiest gun in the West if’n he ain’t working on them firearms he sells!”. It looks like Mr. Chicken has been holding back all the best gun hand gear! Included in this Boot Hill Loot set are 3 brand new design cartridge gun belts, paired with a spiffy new set of left and right “drop holsters” AND a matched pair of nickel plated/ivory gripped pistolas. Each belt and holster set is color matched, and FULLY painted.

If you are adding these sets of equalizers to your outstanding Loot pile, then please be sure to choose the correct postage at checkout to avoid any delays once these items are in hand and ready to ship.

PLEASE NOTE: Image shown is a prototype; final production items may vary slightly.

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