Mercantile Shop Owner – Keone Young


The first in a series of licensed Showtime Celebrity Portrait characters, the Mercantile Shop Owner is where this project all began.  Our friend Keone Young was the first to sign on and is someone who you will recognize from long career on stage/screen/voice over work.


Personal bio:  An American actor, Keone Young proudly hails from the Hawaiian islands.  Of Chinese & Japanese descent, he speaks several languages.  Keone was mentored in stage & screen acting by legendary talent Mako.  He has a long & varied career on the stage, large & small screens, & in voice-over work.

Keone’s most popular roles include Mister Wu on HBO’s Deadwood, restauranteur Mr. Wu in Men in Black 3,  and Storm Shadow from the 80’s GI Joe animated series.  He is also known for playing Commander Sato in Star Wars: Rebels, Jeong Jeong in Avatar, Grandpa in Jake Long: American Dragon, Buck Bokai in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, & the Acupuncturist in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Keone continues to work frequently in all venues.  He enjoys traveling to events and meeting fans in person, as well as spending time with his family in Southern California.  Chicken Fried Toys is pleased to have Mr. Young as our first celebrity portrait for the Dime Novel Legends Mercantile Shop Owner!


Character bio:  The Mercantile Shop Owner is a man who knows much and says very little.  He is content to observe and consider the actions and plans of others – and then use those things to his own personal advantage.  He accumulates knowledge and leverage like the candies on display in his shop, doling them out sweetly when the time is just right!


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