*PREVIEW FIGURE* Crash Site Intruder – Radioactive! 10 PACK


This figure is a sneak preview introduction to our new sub-line Weird Western Tales.  These upcoming two-packs will feature a uniquely Southwestern flavored cryptozoological creature packed in with one of our traditional Western themed archetype characters in a funny or dangerous scenario.  Which is the cryptid, and which the cuddlie?  Only you can decide

On a bright starlit night far West of the Texas panhandle, in the canyons of the Arizona/New Mexico badlands, a silver streak slashes through the sky!  BOOM!  What strange new life-form emerges from the weirdly glowing wreckage, and what is its intent?  A brave Apache warrior ventures out to investigate…  

This figure glows in the dark, and can be charged under a strong light for a period of time to function properly.  Included in the package is a transparent red raygun that does not glow.

This is a preorder for 10 copies of this figure, and the items in this preorder are expected by the end of October 2022 in hand.  Please be aware of this BEFORE ordering.

82 in stock

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