Bundle #2


Go ALL-IN! and get the entire set for a discounted price. That’s for all five Series 1 Wave 1 Chicken Fried Toys Dime Novel Legends Buck-A-Roos figures, along with all other small parts and sets such as the Boot Hill Loot and Boot Hill Loot Gear Accessory packs, including:

  • Buck-A-Roo Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
  • Boot Hill Loot Nos. 1A/G, 2A/G, 3A/G, 4A/G, and 5A/G (10 pcs)
  • Most Wanted Heads #1
  • Barrel O’ Suds
  • Bucket O’ Spuds
  • Raid the Armory
  • Basic Black Stands

Purchased separately, they would be $267.5. We’re offering all of them now in a bundle for $245.

This is a limited time/quantity offer, so please get ’em while they’re still here!

PLEASE NOTE: Image shown is a prototype; final production items may vary slightly.

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