Terms and Conditions

By purchasing these items through the Chicken Fried Toys website, you acknowledge that this a pre-order sale for the item(s) in your cart, along with the following:

  • Payment in full is due when your pre-order is placed. In the event of any significant delay (more than 4 months) past our estimated delivery date, a refund in full will be sent to you via your original payment method, upon request.
  • The purchase being a pre-order, these items should arrive in the US approxmiately 12-16 months after your order is placed. Kickstarter items should follow the same approximate timeline. In addition, COVID-19 related supply chain disruptions worldwide may lengthen our fulfillment times. You can also see updates and the latest news on our Facebook page.
  • Once delivery to us is complete, these items will be inventoried, and then begin shipping to all pre-order customers. Fulfillment of all pre-orders is expected to take up to 4 weeks.
  • Postage totals are estimates based on USPS rates at the time of billing. As such, if there is a significant postage shortfall or increase in rates by the USPS, you may be asked to help cover any balance owed.
  • Shipping will be combined where possible for multiple orders.
  • Public updates on production and timelines will be available through the Facebook main page for Chicken Fried Toys – Dime Novel Legends, as done previously, as well as email notifications to buyers personally.
  • You may see these public notices at any time by following this link

Thank you for your -pre-order purchase!

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