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Orlando June 2017
Here is the information I shared with everybody who sat and talk Cowboy Action Figures with us.

Current Wave:
Everything is either in China or on the way for tool cutting. We got a chance to finalize 90% of the colors, so once tooling samples are here, they will be able to swiftly transition to production. All figures will have the updated torsos with screw closure and with the “plug”. Although the final 5 stretch goal figures did not make it into the first wave, they have been tooled, and we are working on a way to get them out to you (but they won’t be in backer kit). Pics to follow. The prospector was on display., I am terrible at pictures, but i will find some that others took and share them. A bunch of stuff you guys already knew, hats fit every head, heads swappable with every torso, you can switch torsos and legs. We are about 90 days behind, but if some of the work we did up front pays off, that can be made up for on the back end.

Future Waves News:
Next wave is in the works, but the art is not at a point I want to share. Cavalry troopers inspired by the 7th Cav look during the time period of the Little Big Horn. Gauntlets, hat variations and cav specific belts and holsters. Oh and of course Buffalo Soldier variants. We have picked the Native American region to represent and it the Plains Nations (Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho as well as others) at this point only males. I will post pics of the inspirational photos on the anniversary of the Battle of the Greasy Grass. Women in wave 2. Will share a common sculpt and the variation in character will come with the accessories (much like our vests/coats currently do for our wave 1 males). A “child” will also be added. The age we are shooting for will allow us to make boys and girls with one torso sculpt. Gamblers and Outlaws will round out wave 2.

Did somebody say Horses?
Now that China has what they need from us, I am at a full gallop on horses. This Fall look for your opportunity to start the round up. It will require another Kickstarter, just because tooling alone is going to be a big chunk. If I can avoid doing it via KS I will. 3 sets of tack. US military, civilian(western) and Indian blanket with hackamore. Initially 4 colors on horses: Black, White, Paint, Brown. (That is the generic color description for the sake of ease). The plan is IF we have to do a KS, we want to get the un-produced stretch goal figures from our first KS sprinkled in as well, to get them to y’all. Articulation on the Horses is still a transitional thing. They won’t be statues, but they won’t be hyper-articulated either because of cost concerns. I know this is information a lot of you already knew, but here it is in one spot. It would also be better with pictures, and JE or I will get some up. Backerkit is on its way. You have not missed it. Watch the page here and your email for updates.

But start saving for your add-ons, it will be within 30 days.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting people (both KS day one folks and people who had never seen our figures till this weekend) at the booth. Until now (and even now) I am unknown in the collecting community, it was great to talk Cowboy action figures and all the possibilities with everybody. One thing it showed me was that there is an interest in these things. Not just the guys in Texas or even the US. I spoke to people from Europe, South America and Asia.

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